Hello Friends, please discuss here about your short intro and talk about your occupation. We are here to help each other and find out the best optimum solution to your tech( or related) problems.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, SEO is a marketing term/category. SEO is a trendy and emerging marketing tool. SEO makes you able to drive/redirect organic traffic from search engines, referral sites, social media platform etc.


In WordPress, you can write and discuss about your conflict questions and issues related to WordPress. You can ask any thing related to WordPress for which you are confused. Such as (What is WordPress, Why we use WordPress, Which one plugin is best for anti-spamming etc)


The Android category is for any help about Android.

Web Hosting

Big surprise for hosting seekers :smile:
Here in this 'Hosting' category discuss and write about web hosting issues/reviews/feedack's/claims and much more related to hosting.


A Domain is the first basic step of website. In this 'Domain' category, you can discuss any thing related to domain troubleshooting, registration, connection, offers and much more.


In this 'HowTo' category you can create topics regarding text and video based tutorials.


Google is now became our life partner due to his involvement in our life. I personally like Google because it is trendy and excellent search engine all around the world. Let's come back on topic, the purpose to create this category is to spread and announce Google updates, news, tips, trends and gadgets.

Make Money

Great to see you guys, welcome to this 'Make Money' category.
In this category, you can talk about any thing related to make money like what, why, how etc.
If you have better ideas then create new topics separately otherwise you can check it out existing topics and can reply on them.


The reason behind to open marketplace for everyone is user feedback and their interest. We always gives our priority to users because we are loyal with our users needs and their importance.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


The Community category is the category for people in the forums and community that have done well and helped the community. There will be weekly awards and you will be given a badge saying you have been chosen. This can also be used as a title and you will gain more respect and might move higher up in the community.
-Article By @Cataposhi

24 Hour Posts

This is a category that you can post anything in, but after 24 hours the topic will be locked. Anything off-topic can be put here as well.


In this category, we and you will discuss on HTML and CSS basics for beginners. If you have any question related to HTML and CSS then simply create a topic under this category.