How Alexa matter in search ranking?


Confused about Alexa and their ranking algorithms, how Alexa matter in search engine ranking?
I know question is bit tiny but huge building blocks growing in my mind related to his working strategy.
Please give me answer about this one question.


Alexa just gives approximation results not exactly. At this time Alexa is most convenient and finest tool to measure website current status and rank fluctuations.

Alexa have it’s own algorithms (set of rules) they do not exhibit their algorithms.
Another one thing Alexa matter in search ranking slightly because their system monitor each site keywords niche, external backlinks, streaming websites and traffic statistics of different countries (sorting in descending order).

I’m not saying that it’s give us exact search ranking but their results are nearer correct. So you may consider Alexa in search ranking. You can get absolute website analysis estimation through this. :wink:


@Alex_Lee :blush:
Well explained!


Quite pretty explanation @Alex_Lee
You may get out absolute and deeply statistics, if you verify your website metrics on it. (Only administrator can do that)

At this moment Alexa beat the all market tools and gadget due to his efficiency and authentic results.
If you are an administrator then suggest you to certify your site metric on Alexa :wink:


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@cybexindia15 Alexa is approximate correct and if you embed their code to your site (Certify your site metrics with Alexa) then this approximation improvement occur. :checkered_flag:


I treat Alex as only a small SEO indicator. Google algos have nothing to do with Alexa. I have seen stupid sites with stupid content ranked as one of the world’s top sites.


There are so many algorithms in Alexa to measure site capacity and worth.