How to insert ads inside WordPress articles?


Is there any way to insert ads inside WordPress articles or post content like after 2-3 paragraphs etc. Because from this way we can generate good revenue from AdSense so please give us better suggestion.

Another thing is that, also mention that how we can insert AdSense code before and after post content. Please give us best reply as soon as possible. Thank you in advance. :sweat_smile:

Best Places For AdSense Ads

Yes, you can definitely insert your AdSense or else network ads inside WordPress articles after few paragraphs as per your need. For that purpose, I would suggest you to install and active insert post ads plugin because via this plugin you will be able to add AdSense ad unit before, after and inside post content like after 2,3,4 paragraphs as you like to setup.

You also can add AdSense code before and after post content by editing single.php file, which you can find from WordPress root directory or WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Editor > Single.php

Plugin is recommended because plugin can be used in multiple conditions unlike manual procedure.

Happy today!


Thanks @Siraj_Mahmood I’ll try to install and setup mentioned plugin. :smiley: