How to make strong password?


Most frequently asked topic by beginners, who have no perceive about how to make strong password. What things you should consider during generate or making password, let see;

  • Do not use common password like John123, Apple678 etc. Common passwords can be easily broken with little effort.
  • Use lower and upper case alphabets mixture like aPPlE OR JoHN etc.
  • Do not forget to insert numeric numbers and symbols like aPPLE^)30 OR J0HN%(8) etc.
  • You also can utilize small sentence as a coded words like AppleIsRed&Delici0us Kn0Kn0ckKn0ckWh0IsThere etc
Weak Password Example Strong Password Example
John23467 J0Hn($(&)#357

Probably, strong password will not memorized in your brain so you can save your password in notepad and convert into zip archive to secure in your personal computer.

Happy today!


Great topic @Siraj_Mahmood I’ll try to adopt this method in future to make pass strong and unbreakable. :smiley: