Is Blog Commenting Effective?


I want to ask that blog commenting is effective anymore in Seo?
Because every blog webmaster using nofollow attribute so search engine doesn’t consider those link so is it effective for Seo?


Yes @Raj_Malik it is effective but not 100% because nofollow links are not crawlable and considerable by search engine especially for Google so from rank their will be no benefit but if you see this factor from traffic perspective so this will be effective yet. :smirk:


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@cybexindia15 it is effective but only from grab traffic perspective otherwise there are no ranking mater associate with this tactics. :neutral_face:


IMO, it is effective if you do it manually. Never use a bot. Find a niche and comment using disqus. Do not drop links like a bot.


Please tell me some sources from where I can get Do-follow backlinks?