Nofollow Vs Dofollow Links


Both of are use for external website links on any website but if we use nofollow link then Google or other search engine will share our PageRank with other one site or not :confused:

Second case, Dofollow why we use them, if all links are by default crawl able to search engine?


Nofollow links is not crawl-able by crawler unlike dofollow links is vice versa. If you are using nofollow links then your PageRank will not be shared with another one site and dofollow is vice versa. :wink:
Secondly, it’s up to you if you do not use dofollow and nofollow both then your all external links would be by default dofollow so it’s up to your choice.


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@cybexindia15 it is spam but only when you using excessively. :wink: Both are reliable the only different is that nofollow links doesn’t consider in ranking.

Hope that will help you!


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@cybexindia15 nofollow is not consider as bad link, it is just indicate search engine crawler that ignore this particular link in search engine ranking. Unlike dofollow is considered in search engine ranking. Both are vice versa :dart:

Hope that will help you!


nofollow links send a signal to Googlebot that link juice not be given to link. Usually public areas in forums are often given such treatment.

#8 same like here :sweat_smile:


Both are useful but when it comes to do-follow links then search engines can share your link to other websites for the page rank purpose so ,even no-follow it is not bad link search engine will avoid your site to crawl.