Why Alexa showing NO DATA for my site?


Recently we started a blog on entertainment news stuff, in starting rank was too low but by and by it is now showing No Data. Totally confused about that because we are working regularly so why that kind of problem occurring.

Reply me as soon possible.


Don’t be worried about that :v: , simply concentrate on your work with consistency.

Ranking fluctuation can be happen and it is also a part of blogger life.
It will automatically grow up, when your website will go to improvements side.

When I was started KnowledgeIDea journey then the same thing was also happened to me and I was stuck due to this problem but with the passage of time and with daily activities rank was become better.

You should be optimistic :wink:


Thank you @Siraj_Mahmood to give us such an informative reply and also for sharing your own experience. :grinning: