Can you discuss with us your journey of knowledge idea?

it must be inspiring for us. how you thing to build knowledgeIDea. at startup time, how many project do you have. please discuss with us.

Yeah Sure :slight_smile: I started KnowledgeIDea on 15 June 2014 with a great dream :sunny:
That was my website I ever create. I started my whole business with $12 cost in 2014, which was still high for me. But by and by, increase in rank push me to do work on it regularly, That was a great time for me which i can never forget.

Afterwards I started YouTube channel in 2014 or 2015 mid, to spread my voice beyond the borders :slight_smile:
I started my journey actually in 2012, when i got my first personal computer bought by my lovely father :blush: That was a Pentium 4 and on that time it was a huge thing for me still i have this in my home :relaxed:
Afterwards, I spend my every hour on that computer just in research things or other people experiences. I saw almost 1000+ tutorials just in a month, I became the addict of that scheduled because that was my interest.

So far whatever thing i did, just because of my interest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I learned one thing so far “If you can think big so you have the capability to do some big:wink:

right. when you started knowledgeidea you registor(registory) it or you took some time to build your business then you apply for registory…

registry for what? Didn’t understand …

actually, i want to start my company .i purchased domain and hosting after that will i registor our company for run…or not

i hear humor, if we want to run any comapny we should registor it

You don’t need this but if that business has physical presence like office so you should do it otherwise if you are individual so you don’t need it :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, :sweat_smile: you are so intelligent person.

Now what can i say :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I think everyone is intelligent like Eisenstein Newton just we need to polish our-self and expand our thinking level :wink:

Tell me one thing,where from you learn english?

I’m doing Master’s in Software Engineering so probably, we should have at least fluent level of English just to express our talent around world Marketplace. I better know TALENT don’t need any language expertise to introduction with that. But that just my perception, we should have better grip on standard languages. :slight_smile:

ohh. actually i work on it…work in progress

Didn’t understand ???

to speak english. thatswhy i ask you.

Do you know any site which help to improve communication or skype?

What kind of communication you are talking about?

english communcation, i easily speak english with customer

Is there anything in which i can assist you with this topic further. OR you can create new topic for new questions or issues.