Common things to use in android

Recently, there have been questions asked about taking screenshots and installing APK files, so I have made this the simple place for all common android tasks.

  1. Taking screenshots.

To take a screenshot on most android phones, press the volume down button and the power button at the same time.

  1. How to install an apk file.

READ ME FIRST! Only install .APK files from trusted sources. Installing them from a random E-Mail or website is bad and might contain a virus that will take over your phone. Only install them from known sources.

Go to settings/security/allow installation of apps from unknown sources. Click OK on the warning that pops up.

Now go to your APK file and click on it. An installation window will open and click install to install.

Factory Restoring your Phone

Resetting your android phone is easy. Simply go to settings/backup and reset/Factory reset or similar. THIS WILL DELETE ALL DATA ON YOUR PHONE! Proceed with caution.

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