Difference Between OffShore and OnShore Hosting

Today, someone call me and ask about Offshore and Onshore hosting but unfortunately his akcent was not clear that is why i was not able to give an appropriate answer to him. So that is why creating this topic for readers convenience. Put your eye below to understand difference on both of them.

If your hosting provider located from out of your homeland or country then it would be consider as offshore hosting. Mostly people’s give preference offshore hosting, especially when you are publishing illegal content which breaks your country law.

If your hosting provider located in your homeland or country so it would be consider as onshore hosting.

If you live in United States so offshore will be best choice for you because of their strict rules and regulations. Both are vice versa to each other. If you doing legal work so both are perfect for you!
BUT you should Read things you should do before buy web hosting.
Hope that will help you :wink:

Happy today!