Digital Ocean Vs HostGator VPN Hosting

Anyone can explain which one is best and affordable in VPN hosting, DigitalOcean vs HostGator. I want to start forum with vbulletin software. Our IT department suggest us these two companies for VPN hosting but I have misunderstanding that which one is better than other, and what both forum software’s have features?

Express all points from each perspective, so we can take the best decision for our future journey. I’ll wait for your responsive reply.

As you said, you want to run vbulletin forum software on this VPN hosting server. So personally I would recommend you to go with DigitalOcean because there are many things that you should consider before start community forum.

  • Community forum should be fast and their web pages speed approx 2-3
    sec or less not more.
  • Prices should be affordable because beginner can not bear VPN server prices instantly.
  • Hosting should be trustworthy and reliable.
  • 99.99% Uptime (Compulsory).
  • Technical support 24/7/365.
  • Money back guarantee shows company seniority and built consumer interest/satisfaction.

No doubt HostGator is good but their prices are too costly unlike Digital Ocean have affordable prices with premium quality service. Digital Ocean says,

If they fail in deliver to you a better service then they will return your full amount back.

We already discussed on Digital Ocean $10/month VPN server plan, which is a perfect solution for initial community forum.

Hopefully, the answered is your question.

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Can we take their $5/month package for community forum?

@Noman_Ali Recommended is $10/month package for initial community forum. 512 memory is not sufficient for a rapid forum, 1 GB memory would be perfect choice to take start a community forum. :ok_hand:

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Okay @Siraj_Mahmood we will purchase $10/month as you recommend :wink:
Thank you so much for your swift reply.

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