Do we need sitemap anymore?

Most wanted topic in SEO category, because every second Seo expert recommend sitemap. Do we need sitemap anymore. Interesting question but the actual fact is that, Google do not rely on sitemap and it is ugly truth.

If you do not believe on my voice then try itself, create a simple website and do not create or associate any sitemap with it even do not submit sitemap to any search engine. Then you will see implements, that search engine crawler crawling your web pages sequentially.

Google just need a reliable website with fast loading speed pages. Additional plugins will create clutter on your website, which also reduce web page speed, which is uncertainty.

There is no problem and issue with you, if you are using sitemap for your website. This post is just to create to highlight the purpose, what is more important step than Sitemap. Your website should be super fast and trustworthy.

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I don’t think so, because it is essential factor in Seo and you already told us in your Seo training tutorials here. So now how you can say it that would not impact in Seo, if we give up this step. Correct me, if I’m wrong? :unamused:

@Raj_Malik sounds filled up with energetic.
Please again read my last lines :v:

I already mentioned that, it’s up to you that what you are going to adopt. WordPress has numerous plugins facility so you may do it sitemap integration via plugins. Let suppose, if you are working on custom web design so what will be your decision. Probably generate custom sitemap and then submit to Google, are you pretty sure.

Fact is that, Google do not need or rely on any third party plugin to give us command to go ahead. I’m not saying that usage of plugin on sitemap is harmful. You can install any and many plugins at once but these additional plugins will let your website speed down than before.

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@Raj_Malik there are tons of other things which is greater value than these. :lollipop:

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