Does KnowledgeIDea Allowed Guest Blogging?

in Knowledge idea, you allow guest posting(free or paid)?

Right now we are not allowing Guest posting on KnowledgeIDea because next desire just to put their website backlinks which is SPAM in our eye and Google also.
We apologize for this inconvenience but that is our policy. If can you think your article is not spam as we stated above so you submit your article to us through email, which we provided on contact us page. If we think that is suitable and according to our polices then we must publish this.


it means you provide nofollow link?

Absolutely, because we are very particular for our articles and informative stuff.
We can not allow anyone to put his spammy links inside in it at any cost this is not about $10-$100 :stuck_out_tongue: Its about content and ranking value which we can’t share to anyone.

But in case if we found anything really good, which is really good for our readers then we will use those links without charge any single penny. :slight_smile: We are very particular for our readers and their taste :slight_smile:

Can u suggest me any topic?
If you don’t have any problem on it. i will write on it then you would decide the article is good or bad for knowledgeidea.

You can take an idea from our website… you can write related to those articles. :slight_smile:
Keep remember that after submission we have complete right to made any modification in your article.

i will send you article on the email :Support[At]knowledgeidea[Dot]com

Yeah Sure, you can :slight_smile:

How many time you will take to approve any article?
I sent you a article at your email.

We sent you a reply twice and it seems you still not reply to us…

sir,i did not get any reply from you. can you tell me on which email you replied me?

Sir, but i did not get any reply…how it is possible…?
i am from new delhi.
sir, how i will get mail from you? can you send me on