Google Adhere (Single Account) Problem

Dear Sir,
Assalamu alaikum,

Blog Site:

Error: Google AdSense Adhere
(Only: Single Account)

If I did any mistake then kindly help me how to solve it.

Muhammad Hammad

@MuhammadHammad it seems you’re using any other account or probably this domain is associated with any other adsense account.

Secondly visited your site it needs lots of further efforts like improve your navigation and I would emphasize to use WordPress instead of blogger which is way off now.

Thanks for your reply.

Sir I have only one account, all others AdSense account is fully deactivated by me from AdSense deactivation Panel.

Sir before apply to AdSense I tried with 2 Gmail’s but Gmail was not picking up the code that was placed by me on Google Blog then after this, I removed both Accounts Payment Information from Google Account Management then deleted those Account.

Why I do that because On both accounts after applying, when I got we can’t approve your blog then I do that, bcz when some one account not approve then we can’t deactivate that.

The only way that we can is Deleted payment account number information then deleted the AdSense account.

After deactivating accounts like that or by AdSense panel now I have only 1 blog AdSense.

How I can solve that.
Because my brother also have that same problem he was applying for this first time.


You have to give some space to Google to remove from their database as well this might happen sometimes. In the meanwhile you can try a yahoo and bing venture.

Dear Sir,
Is ka mtlb ha Jo phy 2 accounts ky through Jo Ads code insert keyah taah or Google ny code detect nae keyah taah or review my chli gai teeh es waja sy.

I think 30 days of Account deletion then Google will also delete them from their pannel (Means then it’s will be ok for me) Every thing will refresh?

Can I Remove this blog Google mail with Blog official mail or first remove the Google AdSense current account or delete the account information from goggle then connect this blog with blog official mail then apply again with newly way for Google AdSense?


@MuhammadHammad don’t be mess, first delete your previous adsense accounts and give some gap like 4 to 5 months at least then apply again.

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Sure sir,
I will regularly manage the blog and keep my work Countinue on that blog,
Thanks :blush:

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