Google Analytics Tracking Code Missing Error

Hey guys i need some assistance with google analytics. Can someone give me a walkthrough so i can get an idea . Thanks…

@diwz what questions you have it about Google Analytics?

@Siraj_Mahmood Sorry for the delay in the reply. I want to know how to get the best using google analytics tool. Aware google analytics, helps you to get the complete stats of our website but i would like to know in specific. Thanks.

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First of all i must appreciate Mr. Siraj and your lecture. You are doing very well. God bless you. I have one problem i.e when i am going to google analytics its showing some code error. can u help me to resolve this issue. Thanx

@wasim169 if you share some screenshots of this error then I would be able to give your some suggestion on it.

Thanx alot for ur reply.

Are backlinks only generated by forum and directories submissions? Or there is any other method.

Plz inform about hitleap and addmefast…are they really producing organuc traffic or a fake short cut. Do these sources create backlinks?

Go inside your admin section of Google Analytics and get the tracking code again and put it again on your website.

I did that. And getting same result.

i am sending you both screen shots…can you help me in solving issue

@wasim169 are you able to see your live traffic under Real time section of Analytics? If yes then code placed correctly…

Regarding this, i have 2 more questions.

  1. when I sign in at analytics, it’s giving me a notification for the same code error.
  2. I am uploading 2 images here. you can see the results. Analytics are showing no results for traffic and in site status, it’s showing. so what should I do? totally confused.

Send me your site WordPress backend details and Analytics too, if you like share it. But send me in private message not in reply, message will be visible only for me and you and reply is visible for all public. :slight_smile:

How to send you private message in forum?

My site is also showing 2 xml sitemaps. is it ok? site is