Google Search Results and G+ Content Duplication ISSUE

aslam o alaikum
brother as you said google show your website in top if post in google plus and thats true but i have little confusion i want to add some detail when post to g plus like in picture.
im little bit confuse is there any duplication because same detail on my website too and i think google only find my post because of this detail.

@Sohaib_Siddique this is not duplication so don’t be worried about it.

one thing more there is no option in link section to change my custom url in google plus

Under the Links section click on edit pencil icon and their on top you will be able to customize your page URL.

i have no option to customize my profile url in edit :frowning:

So this means so far your page is not eligible for customize URL.

then what is the criteria for this ?

I think your page should have at least 20-30 followers for this feature…

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