Guide about the 1st page ranking in 3months

Hey Dear Friends,
I am here to ask all of you about the website ranking. Please all of you share with me your own experience about this. It’s a Request. Because when we discuss many things are known but before the discussion we don’t.

So, Without wasting my time I come to my question and want to read interesting answers according my question. The purpose of this post is to solving my problem with the help of my seniors and respected beloved Friends. :slight_smile:

I am working on SEO strategy from the last 1 year. Now I’m working the keyword (Best Womens Boxing Gloves) but one thing is never understand to me. I know I am the new in this field of Search Engine Optimization. I want to ask here that why we spend 5 months or 6 months on one keyword ???
Does we spend just 3 months for the one keyword ???
I mean to say that Why the ranking time is not 3 months???
How can we rank a keyword in 3 months???
Can we do SEO on different Keywords at the same time and the duration of the keyword is just 3 months for both???

Waiting for all of yours good replies that really helps me. :innocent:
RC Fitness Wear

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First of all welcome in our community forum :slight_smile:

No it is not necessary actually there is no actual time frame for time stuffing on any keywords. :slight_smile:

Haha No @RC-Fitness-Wear that is not the only reason actually, Google needs time to propagate your web results in search engine.
Even today I remember that time when I was publish an anarticle and that rank in Google #1 Page just in 5 minutes :blush:

Without putting your attention on backlinks give your precious time to content marketing :slight_smile:

Yes you can do SEO as many keywords you like. Right now KnowledgeIDea have more than 3k keywords where we did SEO :wink: It’s fair to do :slight_smile:

Thanks for your taking interest with us!

I want to learn about the advance SEO techniques. And here is a question for you Siraj Sir that how it is possible as you say kindly give me more information and briefing.

Did you mean to say !
We have to pay attention on our contact above to 100%.
If our contact will unique and so long then we boost up 1st page in short time processing.

First Google doesn’t like paid backlinks it is against Google polices check this here. :slight_smile: Content Marketing is ten times important than backlinks :wink:

Superb Briefing …
I really like it.
Thank You So Much.

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