HostGator Vs iPage Which One is Better?

Which is suitable for beginning level but should be trusted and reliable. I have enough budget but do not want to invest at one place. HostGator and iPage both are serving good but which one is more pro hosting service provider?

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Hello @Raj_Malik be professional, I would recommend you go with HostGator.

Why HostGator:
Because they are world leading #1 hosting service provider and their server are 99% Uptime. I’m using both iPage and HostGator but found HostGator ideal and trustworthy hosting due to his performance. Another perspective, HostGator is costly but most reliable and fast running company around internet.

Why Not iPage:
I personally purchased iPage hosting in 2014 beginning, initial it was quite good but after sometime I got some notification that server gonna down for 30 mint/15 mint or else. So scared moment for every blogger when they got problem on server side, because there is only one solution in that situation, which is give up those lower quality service provider. I know that it is not an easy task to restart all the things. That is why, be sure everything before take this first step.
If you want to know that how we track server downtime period so review the below topic,

Both hosting provider’s providing UNLIMITED plans and features but infinite features cannot reduce server downtime. So it’s up to you!

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