How many types of SEO exist there?

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SEO have two following types,

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

Please discuss on both types further to find out the best optimum answer, Simple is forever Cute!


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On Page SEO: In this type we to do SEO in active sessions on website back-end e.g Content optimization, meta-tags, XML sitemap, web page speed optimization and further so on considered as the finest one factors of this type of SEO.

Off Page SEO: In this type, we perform all SEO task without sticking on website (to do SEO in website offline session). Backlink is the primary and vital factor of this type.

Without off page SEO, it is not possible to grow web page rank in search engine. As @Alex_Lee says, public relation is the most important job, that you ever made in your life. :wink:


There are two types of SEO on page and off page.

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This is FAQ
There are two popular techniques commonly use and frequently
i.e 1. Off-Page Techniques
2.On-Page Techniques

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There are two type of seo-
1.onpage page seo

1.onpage- onpage seo is used without internet its use for local area and its help to promote our site in the google top page using by keywords,meta tag,discription and many more.

2.offpage- offpage seo is used online work by using submissions such as directory.bookmarking,forums,classified and many more used to promote our sites.

@somidiscount nearly correct, but not entirely. :blush:

There are two types of SEO generally we used such as :
1 On Page
2.Off Page

In on page SEO, we work on URL Parameters, Meta content, Meta Description and MetaTitle. Whearas, in Off page SEO we work on website backlinks.

@alastairbrian off page Seo is not only about backlinks :slight_smile: It’s about long-term relationship with your external sites. Secondly, off-page Seo has so many factors, backlinks is just one of them. :slight_smile:

very helpful…thanku guyz

What are the other factors of Off-page SEO other than backlinks?

SEO Mainly Two Type

On page SEO
Off page SEO

On page SEO : Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, URL Structure, sitemap.xml, Robots.txt, Google analytic, Google Webmaster, Heading tags, ALT Tags etc.

Off page SEO : Content Posting, Guest Posting, Infographics submission, Yahoo Answering, Blog submission, Images Sharing, Video submission, PPT submission, PDF submission etc…


There are two popular techniques right now using and frequently. :slight_smile:

  1. Off-Page Techniques
    2.On-Page Techniques

There are two sorts of SEO for the most part we utilized,

1 On Page

2.Off Page
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