How much time articlefactory site takes to approved an article?

Hello guys,
Can anyone tell me how much time takes to approve any an article?

The thing you are doing here is spamming!

How ?
I don’t put any url here… so how is it you called spamming?

@avemfly if you are providing any domain with .com this points to spamming. You can simply write example[dot]com like this!


if i used .com with any domain on my website. can it effect my website?

One more thing, I want to write my name as username. is it possible?

Simply send me private message what name you want to show with your profile username then our team will do it for you :slight_smile:

How can i send privat message?

changed it to Himanshu Thakur

Click on my name and then you will see “Message” option over there…

Have you changed it?

Done @Himanshu_Thakur :slight_smile:

Thanks…Can you tell me about articlefactory site…they dont approved my articles. account always shows “pending” in article section.