How to Create and Share Tracking Link on Twitter?

aslam o alaikum
i want to share my sites post on twitter and please see the image here is link and with picture
how can i get this type of link and post to twiiter similar like this?
thank you

@Sohaib_Siddique that link is no concern with twitter… That is a Google shortlink, anyone can get this. This is a tracking Link like They manually create a link and put this link inside this tweet.

Hope that will help you!

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which one is good or has only few tracking analysis features unlike has so many features. For you do not need to sign up for any new account by using your gmail account can login and continue your work unlike for need a new registration of account. Both are good on his places. But mostly I use because it is convenient for me to handle this account from my gmail. :slight_smile:

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yeah right and feel u any difference in opening link i think both are same?

Didn’t understand your question clearly…

there is any speed difference with two url shorter

You making me laugh now… It depends on your internet connection speed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ooppsss i think there is any thing like compression :smiley: :smiley:

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