How to Install APK File on Android

Will someone explain how to install APK file in android OS. I’m using android lolypop in my smart phone. Is it possible to install APK file in android…

Go to your file explorer or email with the APK file, click on it and if you see a warning, go to settings/security/allow instillation of apps from unknown sources. Click on yes when the warning* pops up.
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Why it giving an instruction about that we will be responsible for any damage? What kind of damage can be occur with it?

If you are using an APK file from an email from a stranger or from a random download on the internet, it might be a virus. But if you trust this application, install it and click the OK button. If you don’t, don’t install it.

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Thank you @Cataposhi this one answer solve my query. :sunflower:

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No problem! :wink: Stick around!

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