How to make money online without investment?

Is that true that we can make online without spending any single penny?
I’m confuse :confused: because around, we found many banners and advertisement related to this make money at home or else.
Please help me to reach out the best solution.

@DevKumar Sounds Good!
There are numerous ways from which you can start your online business without putting your money in it.
Review the below list of online jobs, which starts from $0 investment.

  1. Freelancing (Sign up on UpWork and their related site to be hired itself)
  2. Make your own website related to blogs or offer any service such as logo design, web hosting service, eCommerce, real estate online business, creative art designs and much more.
  3. Email marketing for other’s, who want to promote their products among millions of users.
  4. Write your own voice as a writer, editor on news magazine sites or blogging sites.
  5. If you are interested in FUN…Create your own YouTube channel then make some interesting and unique videos related to your surrounding happening. (Better approach for trendy guys)

Happy today!

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In my opinion without investment no business can grow up fast because business needs money bags to grow up rapidly.
@Siraj_Mahmood will you please tell me that if someone don’t know all of the above online job so what will he do? Is there any alternative only for beginners?

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Article writing is an emerging and fastest way to earn money online. You can write article by knowing with fluent level English and it is not a tricky task anymore. UpWork almost contains millions of content writing jobs at least $1/per article from which you can avail.

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There are many techniques to earn money through online. You can do freelance work like essay writing. I earn much money by doing freelance work for admission essay writing service. Many other techniques are there. I said my way.