How to make "post your articles" in website?

Hy dears
I have seen some websites which offer post your articles.
How can I do same own my website.?!:thinking:

I think you mean to say ‘Contributing’ you need to enable contributing on your website. If you are using WordPress then to enable contributing feature in your WordPress Goto Settings > General and check membership field (Any One Can Register). :slight_smile:

I am saying
Any one can post on my site!

Actually I want
Users of my site
Can post
1there name
2 there contact
3there message
At end a post button
And this arrival should post on my website page!

Yes, my answer would be same like before. The thing you are saying is called “Contributing” after enable contributing option in your WordPress, users will see the register option on WordPress login page so from this way they can sign up on your website as a contributor and can submit their work for review.

I am using blogger,
In blogger what I’ll have to do?