How to monitor WordPress site trafic

aslam o alaikum
i want to know what is the perfect method to monitor the wordpress site trafic?

Google Analytics

is one of the prominent and best way to monitor your traffic even can see real time users and track their locations, sources and activities.

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im totally confuse with google Analytics and i have not seen in views on this but wordpress shows me the views and visitor as well. what should i do

just now im copy google analytics code and using plugin “Insert Headers and Footers” and insert that code to header and im not sure all are done ok, how can i check analytics install perfectly on my site. should i wait or another method ?

That is very simple use Yoast Analytics which is now Mojo Analytics. Simply connect both your website and that plugin with each other after installation and activation of this plugin in your WordPress.

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sorry, it means after this plugin my site connect with google analytics ?

Yes, you just have a analytics account but with this plugin you do not put the code anywhere else. This plugin will take of the rest task when you connect this plugin to your analytics account.

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