How to Setup Filezilla for uploading files on hosting?

I want to know that, how to configure or setup FTP FileZilla for uploading files on hosting server. I know only familiar with Control panel way, which is direct from file manager but wanna know about FTP client connection with hosting server directly.
Please mention the method step by step :worried:

If you want to connect FTP client (FileZilla) to your hosting server then follow the below method respectively.

1) Download and install FTP client (FileZilla is free FTP client)
2) Now you need your FTP credentials, which is your web hosting FTP host name and password. Host-name can be your domain name and password can be your CP (Control Panel) password. Sometimes, it is different so you must contact to your web hosting customer care they will provide you these details.
3) After getting host-name and password, open your FileZilla and navigate to the upper left corner option β€œOpen the site Manager” then add new site by using any name like or else You may use your own domain name to rename it. Now it’s time to insert your hosting details in it and built connection both sides.

  1. Simply add host-name in the β€œHost” box and add 21 port number which is default on Filezilla.
  2. Now choose β€œNormal” from drop down menu then add user name and password then simply press β€œOK” button. That’s all.

Now hopefully, connection will be built successfully. :wink:

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Hurrah! That what I’m searching for :stuck_out_tongue:

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