How to Unblock Blocked Sites quickly?

Do you know? How to unblock blocked website especially YouTube. On internet numbers of methods exist from you can open blocked websites easily.

Now today I’m going to introduce most effective and fast ways from which you will be able to unlock all those sites which are blocked at this time. These ways are totally free, no premium membership is required.

Zenmate is an extension/addons, you can use it by adding in Google/Mozilla Firefox. It is totally free of cost. You can utilize 4 countries proxy with zenmate and it’s outstanding speed.

Another way is [Hotspot Shield][2]. You need to download Hotspot Shield first then install in you personal computer. But with Hostspot Shield you can use 200 MB bandwidth daily, not more than this.
That is why, [Zenmate][1] is recommended and its performance is faster than Hotspot shield.

Choice is yours!

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Don’t forget TOR. Depending on where you are, you can view normally blocked websites easily.


Ahan @Cataposhi :yum: I would suggest you to create separate topic with complete guidance on TOR. This will be proven helpful for community users.

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Good idea,Doing it now :slight_smile:

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