HTML Comment Tag

HTML comments is really crucial aspect because through this one tag you can memorize your entire code sequence and each aspect.

These below tags are used for HTML comments tag,

<!--- Your Comments --->

You can replace Your comments phrase to any instruction which you want to insert on any particular place inside your HTML coding.

Review this below example,

<!--- kbd is the short abbrevation of keyboard --->

<p><kbd>What are you waiting for .....</kbd></p>

<!--- END --->

In the above code, we add two comments tag one is at the starting point to memorize that kbd is the short form of keyboard and second comment tag is available at the end. No matter if do not use any ending tag, here is no obligation exist of ending tag.

Here see that image in which we highlight comment tags,

Comments tag will not compile and will not be appeared on front end interface, it is only available and useful for developers. :wink: