I want to know about this site

Hi Dear Siraj how are you? i want to know about knowledgeidea site theme and forum script and i want this theme and script kindly help me i’ll be thankfull to you

Hello @Shahid_Laashary if you talk about KnowledgeIDea primary site theme on which we are using Voice premium version. Conversely on community forum we installed Discourse on Cloud VPN server. :wink:

kia ap apni site wala theme aur forum wala complete script send kr skty hen please

@Shahid_Laashary it is not possible because we are using premium version, but if you want voice theme free version then search on Google, unlike for discourse, discourse is already free of cost just you need Cloud VPN server to run it.

You also can contact me directly through this contact page on working hours.

Working Hours: 11:00 AM- 2:00 PM GMT+5 and 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM GMT+5

Hope this will help you!

thank you so much for guidance

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can i install discourse on namecheap shared hosting plan

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@Shahid_Laashary we appreciate your interest!

Read the below topic on discourse installation requirement…

Hopes that will help you :wink: