Is Android Better than IOS?

Which one is winner in both Android and IOS. Both are prominent mobile OS but android is most used OS in smart phones and also trendy :stuck_out_tongue:

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IOS is better for security and updates, but android is more “open” as users can more to it to customise it. So it is depending on your personal choice.

Android OS is also comes with featured security options, is there any pro options in IOS which makes IOS more better than Android?

IOS has constant updates to patch security problems, and does not support older versions of their OS like android that means it is harder to support android than IOS. So ios is better for security and updates, but android is good for “freedom”

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[quote=“Cataposhi, post:4, topic:175”]
good for “freedom”
[/quote] What that it means :confused:

You can install apps from different app stores without breaking your warranty and can change some settings normally hidden in IOS.

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Oh that’s good :tada:
Will you explain, which settings hidden in IOS? unlike which we can change in Android normally.

Development options are hidden completely in IOS, but only partially hidden in android. I suppose you want to know how to get to them?

Yes, that’s true development options are open in Android.

Why not :smile:

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Go to settings/about phone(or tablet)/build number. Click it 7 times and development options will be enabled. Works on android Jellybean,lollipop and kitkat.

Where that option inside about phone ? I can’t see :confused:

Then scroll down:

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Got it :smiley:
Thank you so much @Cataposhi for such an informative assistance.

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Thanks! :wink: You guessed it: Stick Around! :wink:

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But that does not answer your question though. So, it is mainly down to your opinion what is the best.

You can check out the difference between Android Vs IOS here.

Hopefully this will help you!

IOS is better because as we see iphone does not allow third party softwares and apple products does not get virus.

@Sravani_Icloud as @Cataposhi said development options are hidden in IOS, whereas these options are crucial for any developer to design their apps… What will you say about that?

Android is the better choice. IOS has many restrictions from videos to installing app. Plus Android can be updated unofficially via CM while IOS is a dead over priced device.

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Simpy Answer is Yes , because IOS is So Tough to Use

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