Is HostGator offering free domain with hosting?

Anyone could help me that, Is HostGator offering free domain (.com) with web hosting service?
Confused because almost hosting companies offering that service and also marketing credits.
Reply me back please.

At this moment “No” they are not offering free .com domain along web hosting package.
Secondly, they are offering $100 for Google AdWords and $100 for Bing credit (Only for US & Canada).


Yes exactly as @Alex_Lee said, they are not offering any free domain opportunity with any hosting plan. First time they will charge $9.99 for standard .com domain name.

You can not compare high level hosting companies to low grade because service quality vary everywhere.
HostGator is popular due to his efficiency and quick response time period. I always suggest to my clients HostGator not only for promote their service, only for the sake of their future success. Doesn’t matter, if they are not providing free domain, because $9.99 is not expensive than low grade services.

Happy today!


Thank you @Siraj_Mahmood for meaningful tip :sunny:

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