Is WordPress good for eCommerce?

@Siraj_Mahmood please discus here about WordPress role in eCommerce filed. Because I don’t think so both are professionally compatible with each other.
What will you say about this?
Anyone can join this topic and please do not forget to mention your experience in eCommerce field.

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Great :smiley: At professional level WordPress is not a suitable choice for eCommerce.
I agreed that WordPress has many eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce and similar others. But WordPress not made for eCommerce purpose, we need an absolute eCommerce platform not any piece of plugin.

In my opinion and under my own eCommerce perspective, Magento and Shopify both are outstanding platform. You should go with one of them.

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Sounds like professional but can you please tell me why we choose both of them not WordPress? Is there any problem with WordPress plugin because plugins are handy and can easily operate instead of entire new platform. What you say?

Yeah I can understand your concern but again repeating plugin is not the exact solution because it doesn’t contains all eCommerce features like order tracking interface, gift voucher/coupon codes for discount, millions of product entries, product attributes and much more.

Now choice is your’s :wink:

Hi Siraj,

Suppose we want to make an online exam site & we are selling our services except products so in this case is it recommended to use Wordpress or Magento or would you please advice what will be better for this.

In this situation WordPress is better than Magento. Because Magento is designed to manage and deal with millions of products instead of couple of products.
Hopes it helps.:slight_smile:

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