Member of the week: Week 1

Member of the week is a new feature we are testing to award people that have been helpful and good people in the forums that have done much work for other members and in return will be granted a badge and more respect within our community. :trophy:

Last week’s member of the week is none other than the @Raj_Malik. He, in the time I have been here, has helped users with their problems and getting his own problems fixed with little help from the community.


Thank you so much for this catchy and shiny badge :kissing_heart:
Special thanks to brother @Siraj_Mahmood and also you @Cataposhi


You can use it as a title! :wink:

Yes I will use this achievement with my title :smile:

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Like the badge? :wink:

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Yes, it’s attractive and eye catchy :smiley:

I gave him the idea and @Siraj_Mahmood made it! :+1:

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Great @Cataposhi Rocks :boom:

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Thanks! Being a moderator is hard work, but it is worth it for what you get! :wink:

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