PayPal Not Supported Countries

Will anyone mention that PayPal ban or prohibited countries. Because I live in Pakistan and we do not found my country during PayPal registration so is it ban by PayPal?

If yes so why they do not supported to our country. :frowning:

otherwise, is there any way to get verified PayPal account?

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Yes @Noman_Ali Unfortunately at this time and after 2012 PayPal no longer supported to Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, North Korea, Lebanon, Libya, Syria and more. But you may try Skrill and Payoneer. Both are best alternative of PayPal and also supporting to Pakistan. :wink:

Hopefully, this answered is your question!


@Siraj_Mahmood can we widthdraw our earnings from oDesk/UpWork via Skrill?

Definitely :wink: because UpWork is supports to Skrill…

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Thank you so much :blush:

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