Should We Remove Crawling Errors

i have no pages or post in my site thats deleted so in my case the only option to redirect these link. ?

request form webmaster account means mark as fixed or something else ?

Redirect links only in that case if you changed your post or page URL so redirect old URL to new one. Must read How to Redirect Old URLs to New URLs in WordPress.

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No, If you removed any post or pages from your website but this search snippets still exist in search engine so you can also request to Google to remove this search snippet from your webmaster account.
Dashboard > Google Index > Remove URLs :slight_smile:

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here google snippet show category but i want post name (Slug) like this " "
and is that or there is any settings ?

brother see there is no option to add new one :frowning:

Hope that will help you!

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thank all brother your forum is really helping for my

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already set to disable kingly here is another setting called permalinks please guide me to configure that.

Do not disturb permalinks settings keep as default.

so breadcrumb option off and what should i do ?

brother i have another confusion :slight_smile: i have redirect many links that appear in crawl error with 404 code.
after two days same link again appear in crawl error when i open these they move me on home page. why google show these again with error?

If you apply redirection on them correctly and mark as fixed in webmaster account so it will be resolve as soon as possible.

I’m using the redirection plugin for this i hope it will ok soon

Yeah that is Good to go so just patience now…

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Hello, sir, I have started a new site and am having this msgs, I don’t know it’s normal or not but when I saw this I change that robot txt settings as I saw in video.there’s no errors but Excluded. Please guide me, I will be thankful to you.

That is normal and have the same in most of the new sites and don’t worry this will not down your rankings.

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Thank you so much sir

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