Still Showing Same Category Name in Google Snippet?

i have change my category name space archive to space but soogle still show space archive

i have been set no index in category so why google show this in search result


@Sohaib_Siddique Google can not refresh your website in search results instantly, it takes time like 2 hours or may be 7 days I don’t know no one knows. Secondly make sure your categories should be noindex from Yoast settings. Probably before Google crawl it after you configured you plugin settings index to noindex.

Hope that will help you!

is it ok sir ?

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and what is the setting for archives ? i dnt want to crawl author things

please help me with archive and other setting

Simply noindex author, archive, category and tags pages. And do not disturb the remain settings under this section.

Hope that will help you!

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we need to edit our category snippet and add descritption ? because i set noindex on category and im little bit confuse that google show this on search or not kindly help me out

If you set noindex attribute for your category so Google will not go for this or crawl it. :slight_smile:

but when i search in google with my complete site url the category archive show in serch
i think that from old data.

and tag are also show like this > tag > human eyes

coz human eyes is in my tag

I already told you above the answer…