Video Tag in HTML 5

If you are interested to insert video anywhere during create any HTML page then use these below tags and codes respectively.

<title>HTML5 Video Tag by KnowledgeIDea</title>
<video width="600" height="300" controls>
<source src="C:\Users\Siraj Mahmood\Downloads\Video\Facebook_21.mp4" type="video/mp4">

Result Snapshot:

You also can replace controls with autoplay then video will be automatically play and controls will not be appeared. Secondly, also replace source URL/address of your video URL inside source tag.

controls command will show all essential controls includes videos play/pause, sounds up/down and screen minimize/expand etc. Unlike if you use autoplay then these controls will be hide and your video will be automatically start to play without asking to you.

Do not forget to mention .mp4/.webm etc file type at the end of your videos URL otherwise video will not be run.

Hopefully, this would help you :wink:

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thanks a lot sir g God bless you.

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Hope that will built expertise. :blush:

Dear Sir, How to embed a video in HTML???

which video you want to embed?

from any website like,, or different videos from any website. . . . .

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@greathayat please review this topic now

Similar this procedure will be applied on YouTube or else video website.

Hope that will help you!

Ok that’s good but if i want a video embed from then what should I do?? and

and in circle area inside the picture what is this??

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In this above snapshot circle is embedding code appearing, simply drop/paste this code any website where you want to embed this video.

In second case, if you want to embed KnowledgeIDea videos from YouTube Channel then review the below snapshot.

Hope that will help you more to understand this procedure.

Ok sir g thnx a lot. . . can I ask 1 more question?

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Yes, but create another topic for next question :blush:

we use <a href> tag for create a link for any website but if we want to make a link for computer files for example i want to make a link for open a song from my computer. . . is it possible?? for this purpose what should i do?

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Yes, I understanding your concern what you want to say. I think you should read the below topic.

Hope that will you!

Ok that’s also good and new information for me but my question is that we use hyperlink in MS office for open a file from computer of internet.

in above line (Video Tag in HTML 5) is address of your forum and this link is work only when i have internet connection. but i want to paste a link of song from my computer instead of this link(Video Tag in HTML 5) so that a file is open from my computer not internet. Is it possible???

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Yes definitely your computer address or file destination source will work without internet connection. But this address is work only in your PC not another one.

Address will be look like in above image address bar and it will work only in your computer not else.

Aslam o Alikum!
Dear sir, hum html k liya notpaid to use krta he hain is k liya jo software use hota ha us ka name kia ha aur plz download link bhe send kr dain.

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@greathayat please review the below topic and follow it.

thnx a lot dear sir.

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Aslam o Alikum!
Dear sir, what is meant by and its application (uses)?

@greathayat means please explain your question in another or new topic…