Webmaster Tools Website verification Failed Error

Bro when I’m doing verification of my website in webmaster tool by uploading html file in my website so it is done and not getting success :frowning:

Are you sure that you are uploading this verification file on correct root directory of your site?

bro whos correct root directory ? please tell me bro correct directory folders

Where you website exist means your WordPress folder such as wp-admin, wp-includes, wp-content.

If your root directory is public_html where you website folder exist then upload the html file there, in other case if it is another directory such as public_html\WordPress then upload your file inside WordPress directory.

Hope that will help you!

bro some options yoast plugin red mark . bro who is this options

bro its 2nd seo Readability

bro about us page

about us Readability

This is saying your focus keyword ratio is more than your content, remove few focus keyword then it will be come on normal stage.

Your sentence is little bit long means recommended sentence length is 20 words but if it will exceed this limit so Yoast will generate an Seo based readability error to solve it. So simply make short sentence and straight forward.