What is Alexa Amazon?

Recently i hear about it but cant understand…

  • hows its work,its purpose??
    and our benefit??

@Farhan_Rasheed_Tragg Amazon is an ecommerce website, almost everyone knows that aspect. Alexa Founded on 1st April 1996 by Amazon company. So that is why, Alexa is a product of Amazon. Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

why we use this Alexa? Is alexa increase our traffic

Yes, we use Alexa to determine site ranking in search engine. :slight_smile:

how to use Alexa??
Any tutorial you make??

If you are talking about video tutorial so I think currently there is no video guide but we have few articles on Alexa on our website and its usage or benefits. :slight_smile:

Hope that will help you :wink: