Which is more payable, SEM Expert or SEO Expert?

Which is more payable, SEM Expert or SEO Expert?

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Both have their own values on his places but in some manner SEO experts grab totally organic traffic through their strategy conversely SEM grab paid traffic by spending money even he organize company funding on online campaigns. Almost companies knows how to spend money on FB ads but very rare companies knows how to grab organic traffic from Google. So from this sense SEO earn more than SEM expert :slight_smile:


Both are payable but SEM Expert more payable for SEO Expert.

SEO expert is more highly payable than any SEM expert because it drives traffic organically not from spending money… :slight_smile:

SEM expert is more payable for SEO expert.

Nope SEO Expert is More Payable job especially sometimes company give a job for SEO specilist which covers only SEO organic tasks and sometimes company offer digital marketing jobs which covers both SEO + SEM so it depends.

Both are payable yet. :slight_smile:
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SEM is easier to learn and you can get more help managing your account(s) from various vendors so there is more competition for gigs. Conversely, SEO is harder to both learn and implement but once you have actual skills, you’re pretty darn employable.

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