Who we can chose the topic for making new site

Hi Sir Siraj Mahummad We are new user and we don’t any freely English so I am in confusion so who I chose the topic for my web page.
I am student of sociology and history and I thinks I am easily write the article for those factor which is related sociology and history so I want segregation from you, or any other topic I am freely use.

Mansoor zour

@Mansoor_Ahmed_Zour If you are expert in sociology and history so it’s your Good Luck :slight_smile: Because I’m not expert in this domain :stuck_out_tongue: So write topics or articles with in your domain, you don’t need to see the outside world. :+1:

thanks Sir, I have an other question please don’t mind I want get Knowledge and your the main and powerful source for new people at marketing fields Its your helpful action to guide needy people like us.
The next question is that some software for seo like senuke etc save for adsense or webpage?

SEO don’t need that kind of software, it’s very simple like eating apple. Just we need to understand their strategies.