Why backup tools are important in hosting?

Do you know? why and what backup tools playing role in web hosting. Nowadays, almost web hosting companies offers advance automatically backup tool which is easily accessible from control panel.

Why backup tool is important?

Hosting companies provide this tool for user convenience. Suppose, someone hack or steal your website or your site befalls in any calamity so what is the alternative solution you have? That is why web hosting companies provides these backup tool from which you can take daily/weekly backup as per your choice to save your precious efforts.

Which companies provides this backup tool feature?
Major companies are following as;
HostGator, Bluehost, GoDaddy, iPage, SiteGround etc

Is it free or premium?

Both, someplace it is included in hosting package and some places exclude from hosting packages. (e.g. iPage do not provide backup tool with in hosting package, you will pay approx $13 for that).

Is there any drawback of this tool?
Negligible, backups will cover/consume your hosting disk space so I would suggest you to delete backup from hosting Cpanel after download this into your computer.

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Very well said @Siraj_Mahmood
Backup tools are essential because it is the another shape of internal security structure. :wink:

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