Why Computer is Running Slow

Suddenly today my computer slower again and again with a bit gap. I’m confused slightly because everything was pretty good but instantly this problem grab my entirely computer speed :worried:

I already have installed anti-virus in my computer and it is in running condition and can detect malware. Currently I am running three applications simultaneously. Please solve this issue, is there anyone who can assist me in this issue…

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Hello @Raj_Malik these kind of troubles happens when your computer receive burden much more than his capacity. There are many causes, from which your computer is affected.

  • Harshly software installed in your computer disk, which consuming large space than your computer capacity.
  • You have installed malicious and suspicious software, which are spoiling your machine speed.
  • Probably your computer is infected with tragic malware.

It will be a good idea that I redirect you to our earlier guidance, which can definitely remove your trouble. Please read Why my computer running slow briefly guide written by @Siraj_Mahmood This is a detailed guidance on that particular issue. Hope this will help. :smiley:


I think this one can be correct because today we installed 3ds max, which system requirements is higher than my system.

May be not because we already mentioned that we have installed avast anti-virus in our machine. which can protect from malware.

So what will you suggest to solve this slow speed issue?

@Raj_Malik you should need to uninstall your hefty software as you said that you installed 3ds Max. Before install any software, you should need to review their system requirements from which software can run easily. :wink:

Otherwise above mentioned article source is better approach by @Alex_Lee :grinning:

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