Why did you join this forum?

Hello Friends, please discuss here about your short intro and talk about your occupation. We are here to help each other and find out the best optimum solution to your tech( or related) problems.

Describe here in few lines, what is the reason you joined this community. We are interested only in people that will work with us regularly.:strawberry:


Because public relation is included in my first priority. :sunny:
Secondly, I love to become the member of KnowledgeIDea community because this community fit with my passion.

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I joined after finding the link on discourse meta, and what I found was amazing! :wink:

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I got invited by Cataposhi. So yeah.


Great to see you @naturestreeoflife

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Thanks. These forums look good too! How much did they cost?

Actually we are using discourse software which is trendy, whereas if we talk about cost so discourse is 100% free. The actual cost is their server maintenance.

Oh ok. So with your own server you can put these forums on it?

Yesh! You may read this :smile:

I joined this forum because i want to learn more info

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