Wordpress issues

I am unable to create that type of wordpress account which you shown in vdo during SEO training…wt should i do?

Can you please share the steps what you did and on that step you are getting confused or error?

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Did you problem solved? You didn’t gave it to me any screenshot and mark my reply as a solution?? :confused:

<img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/17062476f19626272cf7170b66dd169a8400ba13.png" width="690" height="387">

Good Morning sir
you can see

What is this? :slight_smile: Didn’t understand :confused:

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See sir, this type wordpress account i have.

Yes, so this is free WordPress Account which you have it now…
In which you will not see the option “Plugins” and further important things. Because its free and hosted on WordPress server not on your private purchased server. :slight_smile:

Now what is solution? I am in confusion…how to create or what to do?

Purchase hosting and .com domain name then go ahead with it.
We recommend HosterDay.

Thanks sir, i will try then discuss with you.

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