WordPress Seo By Yoast Setting Trouble

i will try it if any problem become i will contact to you

If any problem exist then you can contact me on my email or can join us on Skype.
Skype: siraj.mahmood4
Then we will try to resolve your issue as per our approach.

here problem exist

Your image looks like that an additional space exist between your focus keyword.

and second option and no outbound links means

That means your post have no external link.

How get external link.

External links are those links, which are pointing to another one site.
Example: In KnowledgeIDea article we insert or hyperlink Google, Moz or else links or link some keywords so that means some outbound links are pointing to another site.

I can use the FB links

External links should be relevant to your written content. Secondly, doesn’t matter if it is Facebook, Google or something software download page etc. Relevancy must exist.

i can copy past for description on my article?

It is ok but not recommended.

The slug for this page contains one or more stop words, consider removing them.

This option not remove i also remove the space

Leave this option, it is ok go ahead…

No outbound links appear in this page, consider adding some as appropriate.

pardon plzzzzzzzzzz,This is my last option.I am confused how add outbound link.and how get it. I also your video but no clear.

This statement is saying that your post have no external link so far.

Siraj bhai me ap se idea lena chahta hun web creat krni he adsen k lye ??? please contact me ???

@ArslanMujahid please check your email.

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